Shoes and Bags weight


Shipping is the most crucial part of the online shopping experience, one must have an idea of the product weight.
Air shipping is charged per kg or per volumetric weight (lxwxh/6000) whichever is higher of the two between actual weight and the package dimensions (volume).
Sea shipping is charged per cubic meter (1mx1mx1m) this is the lxwxh as per the space your package will occupy in the cubic meter.
Your budget and patience will determine which shipping method to use. Shoes and bags are on the heavy and bulky side. These make financial sense sea shipped than air shipped. Depending with the quantities being shipped. If shipping a lot then definitely sea, if shipping small quantities air shipping will make better sense.
Not all shoes will weigh the same, neither will bags weigh the same too. Different styles = different material used = different size = different packaging. All these factors will affect the weight of the product.
Most suppliers will tell you weight and dimensions if they are asked so that one plans accordingly according to budget.