Frequently Asked Questions

Please look at the contact us page for our location
Normal Goods & Brands

1-44kgs 60rmb per kg

45-99kgs 59rmb per kg

+100kgs  58rmb per kg

+300kgs 57 rmb per kg

Phones 66rmb per pc

Tablets, Laptops 66rmb per kg

(please note brands are shipped at owner's risk) ( subject to change without notice) exclusive of duty, duty is charged separately. NB: ❌ We don't ship powerbanks by air. ❌ We are not taking nail polish Some stuff if not sure please check with with us first before sending to our warehouse. Download shipping charges >>>>>>>LC Freight Charges
Ask your supplier for actual weight and volume weight. To calculate actual weight price the formula is👇 Actually weight×price per kg÷rate of yuan to USD on the day. E.G goods weigh 1kg,price for shipping on the day is 67RMB,rate on the day is 6.0 RMB/USD. 1kg×67RMB/kg will be 67rmb ÷6.0RMB/USD=$11.17 USD is your shipping amount. Shipping amount in rmb or usd cash [However take note this is an example. Prices flactuate you need to know correct price and rate on the day of calculation. Also consider that if you goods have more volume weight than actual weight you will pay more than actual weight.] Sea Shipping charges please contact our customer services
Please contact our customer service for charges.
Shipping payments we take rmb / cash Duty payments are payable in cash/ zipit/ rmb
There is no minimum shipping weight, please take note air shipping is charged per kg so at least push your package to be a kg. Parcels under 0.5kgs will be charged as 0.5kgs. Parcels over 0.5kgs but under a kg will be charged as a kg. If they don't have volume weight. We charge the higher of the 2 between actual weight and volume weight. ( volume weight is your package box LxWxH) Sea shipping upon request.
Air Shipping days depend with airline but can take 14 days+ from date of leaving the warehouse all things being equal. We air ship every week Sea Shipping takes a minimum of +/- 93 days from date of loading. We load when we have enough goods for a container.
We offer both air and sea
Most goods but stuff like branded goods, stuff with batteries (phones, laptops), liquids etc please check with us before you send them to our shippers as these attract a different pricing system and fall under DG and Sensitive goods. please don't send food we don't ship food Any goods you are not sure of please check with us first. Goods also depend with mode of shipping being used.
At the moment we are only handling Zimbabwe cargo. When goods arrive they can be collected from our Harare office.
Unfortunately we are not yet offering this service but we do give our clients contacts of courier service companies that can do outside Harare deliveries.
We have a shopper who can shop on your behalf as long as you fill in your order form. Alternatively you can pay $10 for our how to source from China lessons and you will be supplied with contacts of reliable sourcing agents (please see the lessons tab at the home page for more information)
Yes you can, you just give your sourcing agent our China warehouse address either for air or sea shipping (please ask for correct format to use for this).
Yes we can make a plan for you depending on your weight of goods (minimum weight applies and type of shipping used)
Repacks can be done under your instruction at an extra cost and are charged per kg by China warehouse. Please note it's not all goods that can be repacked due to the nature of some goods. Warehouse can also consolidate your different packages you would have sourced on your own also at an extra cost charged per kg.