Low Weight High Value Goods


Shipping is becoming expensive by each passing day. One must really choose their products wisely. There are what we call low weight and high value goods. These are goods that don’t have that much weight and can fit a reasonable quantity in a kg. That is 1000grams. So you find products that have weight in grams not more than 30-50 grams.

  • 10-12 underwear’s can fit in a kg
  • 20-25 pairs of standard lightweight sunglasses without cases
  • 20-28 mink lashes with packaging
  • 40-50 silicon phone cases
  • +/-500 standard memory cards
  • +/20 ear pods
  • +/- 700 ballons
  • +/- 10 smart watches
  • +/-100 pairs of earrings
  • +/-200 usb cables
  • 10-12 hair bundles of either 80g or 100g per each weft
  • +/-18 pairs of socks
  • +/-60 sets earphones
  • +/20 spark plugs

Please note these are estimates of product quantity without packaging. Weight differs according to material used, size, design, packaging, etc. This will reduce the quantities that can fit into a kg of that particular product.

Product selection versus landing costs vs local market prices is very important. LC shipping we have a minimum charge of 500g which means one can ship 500g to a kg of goods if on a tight budget. Goods to avoid if on a tight budget bags and shoes are on the heavy side as these have volumetric weight and might not make sense to airship. If shipping for business it also has to make business sense.