We teach you how to source for your own goods directly from China. A process we have mastered of shopping online from China. We would like to offer you the opportunity to access the same knowledge we have of shopping online from China without leaving the comfort of your home.


  • How to source for your own goods directly from China.
  • You get to talk to the shoppers and have your goods quality checked before they are shipped.
  • You get to talk to shippers and they show you the actual weight of your goods on a scale so that you pay the correct weight and not estimated weights.
  • You get to source and shop branded goods without hustles.
  • One of the most obvious advantage is the convenience of shopping from your home/couch hence saving on transport cost while still getting goods at favourable prices.Flying to China is very costly for most. China has been brought to your doorstep.
  • Another obvious advantage is the availability of a variety of goods, it’s also easy to compare prices between shops that are not in the same geographical area while you are also miles away.
  • You are in control of each and every process till your goods arrive at your destination.
  • You get to be part of an amazing support group with other shoppers using the same system and you can share suppliers that have good stuff which would have been tried and tested.

These classes can be done via whatsapp as a part of a group or one on one via zoom lessons.


Why join our lessons?
1)Are you not just done paying runner fees or high retail prices, and you’d want to know how you can order for yourself, or be in control of your whole hustle process. Then you have landed in the right place .

2)What are you taught? You are taught to shop from one of China’s biggest wholesale market, from a whole pool of diverse manufacturers of any product you can think of.

3)What will be able to do after lessons?
You are in control of product selection …you are not monopolized to be buying a certain product, that probably has already flooded the market. You get to choose your supplier, your product ….believe me when you start, it’s so addictive

4)Who assists me in buying?
we give you contacts of reliable and verified shoppers and shippers. There is communication of the kind of goods you are receiving before they leave China, and you are in the loop of the shipping process, until your goods get to wherever you are.

5)Do you have support groups?
we have such an awesome support group…we are not just gonna teach you and dump you. Through our support group with many other China shoppers we will offer support throughout your whole experience until you are up on your feet and going. We have taught more than 2000people in 2years.

6)Are you legit?
we are not a scam. tired of being robbed, of trying something and figuring it doesn’t work. Well here , we work. Ask the China streets about Luwy and Chichi, ask Google 🤷🏽‍♀️. Check our Facebook page and Facebook group .We are legit, and it is our passion to pass on the knowledge we have in China shopping to empower others whether for personal shopping or for business .

7) How long do lessons take
There are 3 tasks in Masterclass. It takes from as little as hours to days depending on how fast and committed you are. We give you 8weeks to finish tasks and join support group.

8) How much
Our lessons are $10(via WhatsApp),via(Zoom) once off payment. You’ll be added to Masterclass once you pay, you’ll be added to Support group once you finish tasks.

9) When do I start?
Our classes are week days at 6pm unless there is a public holiday, for Whatsapp. For Zoom you set a convenient time for you and the tutor.

10) How much are the lessons?
They are $10 or equivalent to your currency, for Whatsapp. They are $50 or equivalent to your currency ,for Zoom.


Teach- we will teach you using a method that we use ourselves, there are different methods out there. We don’t all of them.

Weekdays-are Monday to Friday for both Zoom and WhatsApp. For Whatsapp a time set by LC is when all those who paid are taught. For Zoom a time is set that is convenient for both the tutor and student.

Student-being one who pays how to be taught from China by LC from anywhere in the world.

In control of product selection-this does not mean all products can be found through the way we teach. In case you don’t find a product we are not held liable.

We give you contacts-the contacts supplied are of people we have used for over 2years. We are however cannot be held responsible if they fail to honour their end of the transaction. We can remove/add service providers without any notice. If you continue using a service provider that was blacklisted by LC, we will not be held responsible for the loss neither will we be forced to help damage control the situation.

Support group-once you finish your tasks in Masterclass you’ll be added to support group. It’s a group that you can be in for a lifetime. However if your presence in the group poses a risk to others you will be removed without notice.

When in support if you decide to engage other students and in the process make losses financially, you will be held accountable. If you stick to what was taught in Masterclass there’s lesser chance of losing funds to fraudsters.

Masterclass-the information that you receive in this is what all students receive. In case you do not grasp the concepts we will try to assist you. If you still don’t manage after the assistance it will not be our responsibility. Also no refund will be made. The masterclass group is valid for 8 (eight) weeks from commencing date and once it expires the group is dissolved without prior notice. We always send out reminders to complete tasks.

Facebook group and page- any information posted there represents L&C, if for any reason you decide to use it outside LC services and incur losses, you will be held accountable.